Home and Finished

Figured since I kept this blog up over my two years in Moldova that I would tell everybody I'm home, safe, and my Peace Corps service is completed. Living in Moldova for two years I tried to keep this blog updated in some fashion whether it be through photos, stories, and general life as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Being a volunteer in Moldova was a challenge to say the least. I met a lot of wonderful people, and grew a lot as an individual. Hopefully you enjoyed an entry or two, and for future volunteers in Moldova I hope that this was of some help.

Soviet Medals

I was walking around with Mandy and we came across these Soviet medals at a sort of flea market. I don't know if they are worth anything, but since they are cheap and kind of cool we bought a few. I mostly picked the most Soviet-looking ones I could (Lenin and the hammer and sickle). Also notice there is one here that says "USA" and then some Russian that I don't understand. There is also a five-year anniversary pin for Moldova's independence. These pins are everywhere and I think I might even buy a few more since they are so cheap and kind of awesome.

Exactly One Month Left

So today I have one month left. I also think that today marks the exact anneversary of two years in Moldova. Pretty exciting and pretty cool.

With one month left there are very few things left on my work plate. Specifically at Evrica, we have to wrap-up our outreach project. This is a small project which aimed at increasing awareness of our center to the public, as well as specifically targeting street children themselves. We have created business cards for employees to carry, maps of where our center is, hand outs, brochures, billboards, and directions and informational handouts that are targeted specifically towards children that will hopefully entice them towards our center, and ideally a better life. So here it looks like we got a lot of printing and distributing in the works.

Also in work we have a few things left for The Village Project. We have a lot of simple wrap-up and conference left where we will be presenting how ours individually went, and what suggestions we have for it if it were to continue in Moldova. At the conference I believe that the Ministry of Education will be attending. This may be a step in a direction where their civic education project may become more participative.

So basically that plus a bunch of forms and medical exams and then I'll be cleared to leave. Good stuff. I plan on doing a few visits to other villages in Moldova, and taking a few pictures before I leave on a 10-day trip and then arrive home.

With this remaining time I will try to post random things or pictures to this blog during my final days here in Moldova.